TriMed Login Instructions

First Time Logging In?

As your email accounts are not managed in the Libra Solutions Microsoft environment, you will have to maintain a user and password to access the Libra OnePlace employee portal.  A password reset email is sent, because Salesforce does not have the ability to send an initial invitation to join the site.  It relies on a ‘generic’ password reset email that allows you to create a password to access the portal.

Password Reset

You will receive an email titled ‘Finish resetting your Salesforce password’ from Support@ that you generated by selecting the ‘forgot password’ or an administrator requested a new password on your behalf.

Sample of Email Reset Password

Click on the link in the email sent from Salesforce and follow the directions on the page as follows:

    After changing the password, the page will take you to the Libra OnePlace home page.


    Your user name to access the Libra OnePlace portal will be made up of your email address followed by ‘.simpplr’.  Example: ‘’

    Issues with Logon
    If you receive the following error when sent a password reset:

    Remedy – your cache on your browser needs to be cleared.  Please clear browser cache and click the link again.  If these instructions are not helpful, please contact the Help Desk at for further instructions.