Easing the Burden
of Litigation

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Easing the Burden
of Litigation

Litigation can move slowly – and favor those with the financial resources to wait it out. Insurance companies and their defendants bank on that. Libra Solutions exists to level the playing field – to balance the scales of justice. Combining technological innovation and financial strength, we help speed cumbersome workflows and ease financial barriers, so everyone has the opportunity for a fair outcome.


From technology to enhance critical workflows, to providing access to capital before a settlement, Libra Solutions’s products and services ease the burden of litigation for consumers and the attorneys and healthcare providers who serve them.  

Lien Management Software

Our unique technology platform eliminates cumbersome, manual documentation processes, and helps attorneys and providers work frictionlessly to quickly and effectively serve their clients.

Pre-Settlement Funding

Our pre-settlement funding company, the nation’s largest provider of funding to personal injury plaintiffs, helps them make ends meet while awaiting settlement.


By purchasing or financing providers’ medical receivables, we help providers derive immediate liquidity and reduce the risks related to working on a lien.


Our inheritance funding solution is the leading provider of funds to estate heirs so they can enjoy some of their inheritance immediately, without the lengthy process of probate. 


Being the leader in our businesses means more than just being the biggest; it comes with the responsibility to set a pattern of accountability for others to follow. We’re proud to be founding members of two non-profits established to protect and lead our industries, ensuring their critical services are available to help customers for decades to come.

Americans for Patient Access

The APA is a nonprofit made up of industry leaders committed to ensuring immediate access to healthcare for uninsured and under-insured personal injury patients. Through collaboration, education, and lobbying, APA informs federal and state lawmakers, courts, and the public at large of the benefits of under-insured and uninsured patients having access to quality medical care.

Alliance for Responsible Consumer Lending

ARC is a diverse coalition of funders, consumers, academics, policy makers, and financial education leaders who advocate at the state and federal level to recommend regulations that preserve consumer choice in consumer legal funding.

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